Top Luxury Real Estate Destinations in the US

From the Midwest to Mansions: Dreaming of Luxury Homes across the US

Nestled here in the Midwest with our rolling fields and cozy towns, it's kinda fun to let our minds wander to lavish homes in far-off places. For all of you Midwest buddies who love to daydream like we do, we've put together a list of must-see luxury spots in the U.S. With keywords that can help you find similar homes to our list (and maybe make those dreams a tad more real), let's dig into these glam spots.

1. New York City, New York:

  • Types of Houses: Sky-high NYC apartments, posh brownstones, trendy downtown condos.
  • Why They're Cool: Big Apple homes have killer views and are smack dab in the middle of all the action.
  • Average Price: $1 million+

2. Los Angeles, California:

  • Types of Houses: Glam Beverly Hills mansions, Malibu beach houses, Hollywood Hills retreats.
  • Why They're Cool: LA homes mix movie star style, endless sunshine, and epic beach vibes.
  • Average Price: $1.2 million+

3. Miami, Florida:

  • Types of Houses: Miami beachfront pads, city condos, and swanky Coral Gables estates.
  • Why They're Cool: Think luxury on the beach with a slice of vibrant nightlife.
  • Average Price: $600,000+

4. Aspen, Colorado:

  • Types of Houses: Ski chalets, mountain-view homes, forest retreats.
  • Why They're Cool: Aspen offers snowy luxury, killer mountain views, and star-studded parties.
  • Average Price: $3 million+

5. Chicago, Illinois:

  • Types of Houses: Lake Michigan penthouses, Gold Coast mansions, modern city homes.
  • Why They're Cool: Chicago homes mix windy city history with awesome lakeside chill spots.
  • Average Price: $350,000+

6. Dallas, Texas:

  • Types of Houses: Big Dallas estates, downtown luxury condos, sprawling ranch homes.
  • Why They're Cool: It's all about Texas-sized luxury with a mix of old-school charm and modern swag.
  • Average Price: $450,000+

7. Seattle, Washington:

  • Types of Houses: Puget Sound waterfront homes, city skyline condos, forest hideaways.
  • Why They're Cool: Seattle's got techy luxury meets nature. Think Amazon and Microsoft meets hiking trails.
  • Average Price: $800,000+

8. Park City, Utah:

  • Types of Houses: Ski-in/ski-out lodges, mountain mansions, and modern homes with panoramic views.
  • Why They're Cool: Utah combines outdoorsy vibes with luxury. Think hitting the ski slopes from your backyard and then chilling by a luxe fireplace.
  • Average Price: $1.5 million+

9. Napa Valley, California:

  • Types of Houses: Vineyard estates, historic farmhouses, contemporary homes overlooking acres of vineyards.
  • Why They're Cool: It's wine country luxury. Imagine waking up, sipping on some of the world's finest wines right in your own backyard, surrounded by stunning landscapes.
  • Average Price: $1.3 million+

10. Phoenix, Arizona

  • Types of Houses: Desert modern, open space homes with mountain views, mansions with pools and outdoor living
  • Why They’re Cool: Who doesn’t love pool parties, clean designs and a city full of great food, drinks, mountains, golf and more. No doubt about it, the Phoenix metro is a great place to be if you desire luxury surroundings.
  • Average Price: $1 million+

Wrapping it Up: While we're all about that Midwest charm, it's cool to dream about luxe living in these famous spots. From New York's city lights to Napa's wine country calm, there's a slice of luxury out there for everyone. Whether you're just daydreaming or house hunting, our list's got some of the best luxury digs in the US. And hey, remember to share this with fellow dreamers! Ankeny Real Estate Group has referral networks all over the country that we can connect you or your friends and family to- just reach out!

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