Why I Chose Ankeny Real Estate Group- Team Realtor- Allison Johnson

Hey there, it's Ali Johnson with Ankeny Real Estate Group! Life is pretty full here in northwest Ankeny where my loving husband, Thaddeus, and I are raising our family.  We have two amazing kiddos Skye and Isaiah. And let's not forget about our two fur-babies - our Australian shepherd pups, Ely and Coda. You might've seen them make quite a few appearances on my social media.

We're a family rooted in our faith, with our church playing an integral part in our lives. And when the warmer months roll around, you'll likely find us embarking on a camping trip, making memories in the great outdoors.

I'm grateful and proud to say I've been with Ankeny Real Estate Group from the beginning! While I did venture into the world of real estate on my own for a while, I soon realized that going solo wasn’t my cup of tea. On a fun note, I've had personal ties with some team members even before our professional journey began. Michael was a groomsman at our wedding back in 2008! And talk about small-world moments - Thaddeus often reminisces about his high school basketball face-offs against Colin.

When Michael reached out to me in November of 2020, sharing the dream he and Colin had of forming a revolutionary real estate team, I was all ears. Over a cozy coffee meet-up, their vision, knowledge, and passion had me both inspired and admittedly a bit daunted. Yet, there was no second-guessing; I was certain I wanted to be part of what they were creating. Their infectious enthusiasm for pioneering a unique approach to the real estate business, combined with their deep-rooted care for clients, resonated deeply with me.

Before diving into real estate, I dedicated 12 years of my life to healthcare as an MRI technologist. This role instilled in me the values of care, compassion, and putting people first. Discovering a real estate team that prioritized genuine relationships, and structured their entire work ethos around superior client service, felt like a perfect alignment with my personal beliefs. It's beyond amazing to witness each member of our team live out these principles every day.

What truly sets us apart, in my opinion, we are fueled by a passion for the best customer service paired with real estate Every single person on our team embodies a blend of professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and an undying zeal to ensure the success of our clients. It's a dynamic mix of fun and seriousness; of personal touch and professional excellence.

For us, it's not just about sealing deals. It's about creating long-lasting relationships based on trust, understanding, and mutual respect. Every transaction, every interaction, is an opportunity to touch lives and make a difference.

The decision to join the Ankeny Real Estate Group was about more than just a career move. It was a conscious choice to be part of a community that values integrity, passion, and a genuine desire to help people find their dream homes.

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