Why Should I Use Ankeny Real Estate Group When Making Home Decisions?

Buying or Selling Your Des Moines Area Home with Us Brings You:

Expertise – We know the process of buying/selling properties and how to strategically interact with each process step, the market, other agents and lenders to get you into your dream home.

Power- Whether it is our expanded internal home search capabilities or leveraging our professional networks and established-and-legally-supported operations, you will have more power to find, negotiate, and close a deal for your dream home if you engage Ankeny Real Estate Group.

Objectivity- Being able to provide objective guidance during a subjective and emotional process is a huge benefit to clients when engaging us. From providing advice on offers to navigating inspections and appraisals, we have the experience to support and guide you towards your best outcome through the important and sometimes difficult points of the transaction.

Limited Liability- Did you know that “For Sale by Owner” transactions are much more likely to end up in litigation than transactions negotiated by professionals? You can be sure that your deal will be done by the book and you will not have to worry about any legal issues in the future when we are involved.

Ethics- Realtors are bound by a professional code of ethics that ensures they are operating fairly and ethically throughout your transaction. Ankeny Real Estate Group takes pride in our transparency, fairness, ethics and honest communication to all parties involved in every transaction.