What Do I Need to Know When Building a New Home in Ankeny, IA?

Discover All the Details to Help You with Your New Home Construction

New Home Construction in Ankeny - Need to Knows

Ankeny and the Des Moines area are seeing massive amounts of new construction. Please review the content below for a high-level review of key things to keep in mind, and contact Ankeny Real Estate Group for any other questions you might have. We’d love to help!

Spec Home vs Custom Build

There are two main types of new construction homes, and the type you choose will have a big impact on what your purchase process looks like. Custom homes are designed in collaboration with a builder, typically taking an existing (spec) plan and modifying it to your needs. Meanwhile, spec homes are designed ahead of time and built without buyer consultation. Due to this, the timelines for the custom build process is much longer than the buying process for a spec home.

Find a Home Plan

Searching for and finding a home plan can sometimes occur in tandem with finding a builder. All builders will have plans they can build, and most will work with you to build a plan outside their standard plans.

Find a Home Builder

Different home builders can provide completely different experiences for a buyer. It is highly important to research your builder, and to remember that lowest cost is not always best. Finding a builder is similar to an interview process in that you want to find someone that relates to you, has a similar vision and is someone you are comfortable with. Contact Ankeny Real Estate Group and we’d be happy to recommend or provide opinions on builders.

Find a Property or Lot

Finding the right lot (or as we call them “home sites”) should be timed just right. You do not want to get in too early or wait too long in your planning for this crucial step. Contact Ankeny Real Estate Group and we’ll get to work finding you your dream site!