Discover New Ways to Sell Your Home with Ankeny Real Estate Group

The Process of Selling Your Home Made Easy!

1-     Traditional – As seasoned negotiators and marketers, Ankeny Real Estate Group not only understands your needs but anticipates them. Our past experiences in the Ankeny and Des Moines Metro areas provide a knowledge base to reference in almost any situation that arises. We are committed to keeping your home visible in all the right places, protecting your interests throughout the process and keeping you informed along the way!

2-     $10K for Upgrades – Ankeny Real Estate Group will loan you $10,000 interest-free to improve your home and make it ready for sale! Making the right improvements before a sale can maximize your profits and minimize the length of time the home is on the market. Use this loan to get top dollar for your property while keeping hassles to a minimum! Small improvements such as flooring, paint, landscaping and other minor alterations can increase the sale price of your home up to $50,000.

3-     Snap Offer – With a snap offer, you avoid waiting for a buyer, keeping your home show ready, inconvenient last-minute showings, strangers walking through your home, the risk of a deal falling through, and wondering what price you’ll get from your sale. Contact us first and see if we can take the trouble out of it for you! A snap offer starts with you telling us about your home. We’ll next take everything into account: the home, neighborhood comps, market trends and any other important variables. Within 3 days or less, you’ll receive a “buy now” offer as well as our analysis of your home’s value in a traditional sale, and we go from there!